Call for contributions

We are thrilled to announce the call for contributions for the Interactive Pasts Conference 3! And if that is not exciting enough, in this announcement you can find the date the registrations open! But wait! There is more! This year we are thrilled to be able to offer two different types of bursaries for speakers and participants! You want to know more? Then don’t stop reading this announcement because all the information is below!

What is TIPC?

TIPC is a place where diverse  people and ideas get together, centered around video games and the past. We welcome researchers, game developers, scholars, students, gamers, artists and everyone who is curious to learn more about archaeology, history, game development, game studies and the interactive past! 

How do we create games and histories that are accessible, diverse, and fun? What can games teach us about the past? How are video games cultural heritage and is heritage and history a game? What do video games and the past have to offer each other? The conference is looking for all manner of serious and playful presentations!

When and where will TIPC3 be held?

The Interactive Pasts Conference 3 will be held 4-6 November 2020 at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum (close to Amsterdam), the Netherlands.


Proposed conference topics include: 

  • The use of the past in game development
  • The development of diverse video game pasts, including but not limited to Queer games/pasts
  • Games as history
  • Research in and through games
  • Outreach through games
  • Archaeology in and of video games
  • History education through games
  • Heritage in games
  • Games as heritage / game preservation
  • Historical narratives in game design

We are looking for proposals for 15 to 20-minute presentations on these topics. Of course, you are most welcome to send us proposals for any other interesting game-related, past-related topics that we haven’t included.


The deadline for all submissions is 4 May 2020

Please send a max. 250 word abstract for your paper, along with a title, your name, and  your affiliation (if applicable) to:

Have an idea for a creative contribution in a different format? Reach out to us to see what we can do! This year we will not be accepting Skype presentations but we are offering two kinds of bursaries for speakers and participants!

Diversity fund (speakers)

We are able to offer a total of 5 bursaries of 200€ for presenters. This fund is aimed towards supporting a diverse set of speakers who might otherwise not be able to attend. 

To apply for this fund please send us, in the same document as your abstract, an answer to the following: 

  • A motivation for attending TIPC3 and a general contextualization for why you are applying for these funds (i.e. there is no need to share personal details you would normally not be comfortable sharing, 250 word max)
  • Would you be able to attend the conference without the diversity fund?
  • If you are not awarded the diversity fund and are not able to attend the conference, would you consider making a video presentation?

The assessment of bursary applications will be done by a committee formed by members from the VALUE Foundation as well as an independent group of experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to ensure a non-biased and inclusive procedure.

If you have any questions about the Diversity Fund don’t hesitate to contact us at 

Game developers fund (speakers and participants)

We are also offering a total of 10 bursaries of 100€ (up to 1000€) for members of the game development community to incentivize participation. This fund is aimed towards supporting game developers who have an active interest in the inclusion of the past in game development and for which their participation would mean they (and their team) would directly or indirectly miss income (e.g. independent developers and consultants, game studios, and small game development companies) This fund will first be used to support presenters. If funds are available after the selection of presenters, they will be made available to members of the community who simply want to attend.

To apply for this fund please send us

  • A link to your personal website or information about your work in the gaming industry.
  • A list of (some of the) games you have made/worked on or are working on.
  • Why are you interested in participating or presenting at TIPC? (max. 50 words).

In addition, to apply for this fund you must be committed to attend at least both days of the presentations (5 and 6 November).

Participants of TIPC are eligible to apply for only one of the two funds and not both. 

The funds are provided by the VALUE Foundation. If you would be willing to financially contribute to make more bursaries possible please let us know! 


Registration for attendees of TIPC3 will open February 29, since we all have an extra day this year! 

As always, attending the conference is absolutely FREE!


TIPC3 follows up the successful second Interactive Pasts Conference held in October 2018 at the same location. If you would like some inspiration on the kind of topics discussed at TIPC2, have a look at the programme, the YouTube playlist of all the presentations, or the open-access publication of the first TIPC The Interactive Past (2017) with chapters by TIPC presenters. 


The Interactive Pasts Conference 3 is organized by the VALUE foundation together with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.