Seven Games to Dig…

August 11, 2016By adminGames We Dig

… when you have just become a dad. Our baby girl was born 7 weeks ago and, as with all newborns, she doesn’t leave mom or dad with much time on their hands. Ninety percent of my waking hours I spend staring in awe at the new family member and the family member who brought forth the … Read More

Games We Dig – Subnautica

March 9, 2016By adminGames We Dig

Space, the final frontier. A sudden malfunction means that your rocket is careering straight for an uncharted ocean. You awaken in a tarnished escape pod, with nothing but a swimsuit and a few limited supplies to your name. Alone, castaway and on the verge of death, you are forced to venture out into the unknown, … Read More