Call for Contributions

Update: Call extended to January 31!

We are thrilled to announce the call for contributions for the Interactive Pasts Conference 3, to be held at 24-26 May 2023, at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands! 

Building on the foundational TIPC1 and the ‘Return of The Interactive Past’ in TIPC2, the theme of TIPC3 is: The Rise of the Playground (we’ll be doing these cheeky titles until we run out of Star Wars movies to riff on).

This theme is inspired by the diverse and multi-perspective work that has grown and thrived in the playgrounds at the intersection of the past and video games, including scholarship, game development, and other knowledge-based or creative practices. With any rise there is a danger of growing apart, with scholarly and game communities fissuring, but TIPC is about rising to the occasion and committing to meet each other in a collective past playground! 

This is why the programme committee of TIPC3 (more information on who we are below) especially welcomes contributions that have an integrative, diverse, accessible, and inclusive approach to bolster our community as well as our shared understanding and joint enjoyment of the past and video games.

Papers and other types of playful contributions from any related disciplines are welcomed, including but not limited to contributions from academia and the game industry. 

Proposed topics and themes can come from: 

  • The experience and representation of past people, places, and practices in video games
  • The development of games and other interactive, digital media set in or inspired by the past
  • Historical game studies
  • Archaeology of and in video games (Archaeogaming)
  • Regional and period-based game studies (e.g. medievalism or antiquity in games)
  • Heritage and memory-making in games
  • Indigenous game studies and/or development
  • History in and of Queer Gaming
  • Diversity and ethics in interactive, digital playgrounds
  • Past, Play, and Politics
  • Playsets and toolsets for studying games and the past
  • Community and network-building
  • Video game-based science communication
  • Games as heritage, game preservation, and archiving
  • Games for education, serious games, and other knowledge-sharing game projects centred around the past.


The final date for all submissions is 15 January 2023 31 January 2023. We run a global playground, so your time zone is our time zone.

Please send a max. 250 word abstract for your proposed 15-minute contribution, along with a title, your name(s), and your affiliation(s) (if applicable) to: . Also indicate whether you are submitting an on-site or remote contribution. Presentations will take place on the 25th and 26th of May. The 24th of May will consist of a full day of workshops.

On Site and Remote Contributions

TIPCs have always been shared online, but the focus is on face to face encounters. However, to facilitate those of you who would otherwise not be able to contribute, we will accommodate a full panel of pre-recorded video presentations. All other contributors will speak from a lovingly crafted podium in front of a lovely live audience, as well as a camera broadcasting you straight to our Twitch channel ( Remote contributors will be asked to join us via Discord for a Q&A. All presenters will be asked to sign the corresponding release forms. 

If you have any questions or need any support for the logistics or technical aspects of your presentation, please let us know.

Contributor Fund 

We are happy to share that for TIPC3 we are able to offer €100 as financial compensation per each contribution, whether on site or remote, that is included in the conference program. Contributors have the option to opt out of this fund; if so, the corresponding sum will be added to the diversity fund of the conference. 

Game Exhibit

For the first time EVER TIPC3 will offer the opportunity to exhibit historical and other past-related video games on site! There will be 5 PCs available on site (specs and other consoles available on request). If you are a developer, a game development company, or have otherwise created a past-related game that you would like to exhibit please contact us at with a max. 150 words description of your game. You can exhibit games, even if you do not submit another contribution.

Getting Creative?

Have an idea for a creative contribution in a different format? Reach out to us to see what we can do! 

Review Process and Programme Committee

All contributions will be reviewed by TIPC3’s Programme Committee. The members of this Programme Committee are:

  • Corine Gerritsen — historian, master of coins, and board member of the VALUE Foundation. 
  • Leyla Johnson — game developer, lost Phoenician, and history books binge-reader
  • Sybille Lammes — media scholar, hardcore punk lady, and professor at play
  • Angus Mol — human digitalist, random doctor, and board member of the VALUE Foundation
  • Aris Politopoulos — playful archaeologist, bearded person, and board member of the VALUE Foundation
  • Nick Webber — game and history scholar, 90s goth relic, and co-convener of the Historical Games Network