Bulletin: digital convention, art in Animal Crossing and the graphics of strategy games, Industries of Titan and more new games!

April 24, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Bulletin, Field Reports

In this weeks bulletin, we discuss a digital convention, a call for papers, art content for Animal Crossing, new games Landlord’s Super, Industries of Titan, Before We Leave, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, how video games misrepresent Ghandi, a discussion of graphics in strategy games, free Total War: Shogun 2, a dev asking for campfire stories, Dr. Random on the radio, the normality of No Man’s Sky and free ebooks!

Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance review

March 30, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Games We Dig

Last February, Paradox Interactive released their latest DLC for the WW2 real time strategy (RTS) game Hearts of Iron IV. Called La Résistance, it is the fifth large DLC since the release of HoI IV in 2016. As a big RTS and HoI IV fan, I had to play and review this game. Before I … Read More