Watch Episode 9 of the VALUE  “One More Turn” series, in which Dr. Random and Ymir play Civilization VI and discuss the game and its relation to world history, as well as anything else that comes to mind really. Trigger warning for academics talking, punning, “strategizing”, and spouting left-leaning opinions.

Episode 9: Stay Calm and Keep on Talking

In this episode we encounter two major emergencies!

Mental crisis! Dr. Random talks to himself for about 8 minutes. Has he gone off the deep end? No, turns out it was an audio issue which blocked out the sound of Ymir’s voice! The embedded video above starts after this has been fixed, but if you want to see an accidental 8 minute long blooper reel: just rewind!

With this mental/audio emergency averted, the real emergency shows up at about 48 minutes into the video. The game tempts our Persian leaders to get stuck into a transcontinental war to free the city state of Hattusa from the Vikings. The rewards are high, but it seems unrealistic that we can be of much use in this regard. However, with both India and Brazil on our side, we should be able to let them do all the hard work… Right?

Wrong! Or… right! Or wrong? It’s a civilization-size rollercoaster of emergencies as we strategy-stumble through this emergency. Check out the Part 2 of episode 9 (embedded below) to see if and how we emerge on the other side.

Totally irrelevant sidenote: YouTube’s framepicker had a bit of fun with Dr. Random(Part 1)/Chandragupta (Part 2)and decided they should both be featured in their most derpy!

Talking points:

  • We talk about playing through actual history with a civ game. How easy is it to roleplay a whole civilization?
  • We talk a tiny little bit about Brazil, including its colonial history, including the Treaty of Tordesillas that literally divided the world in two parts!
  • We discuss a VICE article on a group of Civ players that play the game as a Democracy. Not as a government in game, but as a government out of the game!

Part 2