Humankind’s Open Dev Scenario 1: Towers of Babylon

August 5, 2020By Dr. RandomBlog Posts, Stratigraph

Amplitude, the studio behind sci-fi and fantasy strategy gaming darlings like Endless Space and Endless Legend, is now developing Humankind, their first entry in the foundation of the strategy genre: the historical 4X game. As you may know, 4X stands for EXploration, EXpansion, EXploitation, and EXtermination (yes, this genre has mechanics of empire and colonialism … Read More

ArchaeoGaming Con

July 28, 2020By oomzerStratigraph

The ArchaeoGaming Con is upon us! From Thursday until Sunday, you can enjoy many interesting talks, discussions, playthroughs and presentations on anything related to archaeogaming. Check out the programme below!

Bulletin: Ghost of Tsushima edition (just kidding)

July 24, 2020By oomzerBulletin, Field Reports

You’ll probably have noticed by now, but last friday Ghost of Tsushima was released. Many people, including our own Dr. Random were quite hyped for the game. You can’t visit any website about games without seeing something about Tsushima. Luckily for you, we have dug up some other interesting news items and features!

Attentat 1942 on mobile

July 21, 2020By oomzerStratigraph

You might have caught last week’s stream on Attentat 1942, a Czech Full Motion Video Game about World War 2 made by Charles Games. A story driven by historical research, you try to unveil the history of your grandfather, who was arrested in the wake of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. The game has been out on Steam for a couple of years, and is scheduled to make the jump to mobile devices as well. However, that’s where Google comes in and disappoints us all.