It’s Even More Real When It Is Digital

The Interactive Pasts Conferences are creative spaces for surprising meetings between diverse people and ideas, centered around video games and the past. We welcome researchers, game developers, , students, gamers, artists and everyone else who likes to be part of an inclusive and welcoming community and looking to learn and share knowledge about the intersections of play and the past!

Looking for more info on TIPC3? We’ve got some bad news and some good news.

Bad news: due to the ongoing pandemic we have had to cancel any in-person events that were going to be held at the Institute for Sound and Vision from 4-6 November.

Good news: TIPC3 will be TIPC-Online 2!

Two, you ask? Well, yes, we are one of the original hipsters when it comes to online conferencing. TIPC-Online was a 24 hour online conference and live-stream. Now that’s something we will never do again [edit by Aris: yes, we will!], but from which we did learn a thing or two about how to run one of these online talky thingies.

Here’s the specifics.


A fully online TIPC, even more real now it is digital!


The conference will be live from 10:00-17:00 CET on 5 and 6 November. The programme and abstracts can be found here.

We will also have an afterparty that you can join if you sign up via Eventbrite. More info on that soon.

In addition, we will rerun the conference at 18:00 ET (00:00 CEST) on both days.

Of course, talks will be made available via our YouTube channel. In fact, you can go there right now and catch the previous editions of TIPC and TIPC2.


A wonderful line up of speakers, including game developers Jon Ingold (Inkle Studios) and Leyla Johnson (Mohawk Games) and game, archaeology, history, and heritage scholars from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds, and stages of their career!

Also you! See How.


At as well as at our very own Discord server (see How).


You can watch and chat along via our very own Twitch channel, but for the full interactive conference experience on our very own Discord channel (including the option to ask questions of our speakers with the power of your own voice), sign up via Eventbrite.

How Much?

You silly! We never charged for our conferences or events and are not to start selling you any kind of digital premium now! But…

For Whom?

If you have funds to spare, we would mightily appreciate it if you could support Games[4Diversity]!

Games[4Diversity] contributes to the representation of socio-cultural minorities in games by organizing events in the Netherlands and internationally, thereby facilitating a dialogue between game developers and players to stimulate them to create more diverse games and characters. Additionally, Games[4Diversity] boosts the visibility of minority game developers themselves in their mission to engender a diverse and colorful game industry!

Find more info on how to support them here or donate directly to them via PayPal.

With Whom?

The Interactive Past Conference Online-2 is a collaboration between the VALUE Foundation and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Want to help out with the organization? We’re always looking for people to spread the word about the conference and we also welcome a limited number of people that could help with moderating the Discord server and Twitch chat during re-runs.