It is the end of the year, which means it is time to look back at all the awesome games made this year. There’s no better way to do this than a real Interactive Pasts Games of the Year!

First and foremost, it would be boring to only include our own picks. Therefore, you can all contribute to this list of awesome games! Nominate up to 5 games you see as a ‘Game of the Year’. You’re free to choose any game (not limited to ‘historical’ games) released or made available in 2020. From now until the 14th of December, you can write in any nominees you want! However, there are some guidlines:

  • Games must be published or released in 2020.
  • Early Access games are allowed. When picking an Early Access game, please add EA after the title!
  • Open/Closed Beta games are not allowed (sorry Humankind).
  • DLC’s are also allowed. Please add DLC after the title.
  • Boardgames or tabletops (or any other non-digital games) are also allowed. Please add AG (analog game) after the title.
  • Please also include a short motivation of one line why you regard this game as a Game of the Year!

Because we like some order in the chaos, please use the following format when writing in your choises: gamedevelopermotivation. For example: Old World EA – Mohawk Games – Because it’s Civ, but better.

You can fill out your nominees below. Don’t forget to hit send!

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