It’s that time of year where we make lists of the brilliant games we’ve played. Like last year, it’s time for The Past-Present-Future Game Awards 2022!

For this years Past-Present-Future Game Awards, we’ve made four categories, in which you can nominate three games each.

  • Best Game of the Present: What is the all-round best games of the Year 2022?1
  • Best Game in the Past: What is the best historical, semi-historical, or past-focused games of the Year 2022?1
  • Best Game from the Past: What is the best game not from 20212 that you played in 2022?2
  • Best Game of the Future: What games that cannot be played yet are you looking forward to the most?

1: These are games that were openly playable for the first time in 2022 (so this includes e.g. Early Access games but not closed Betas.)

2: These are all games that were openly playable before 2022.

You can choose which categories you would like to nominate games for. You can enter maximally three nominees per category. If you like to, you can also let us know why you nominated that game.

At the end of your nomination we will also offer you a Steam Key for the game This War of Mine. We have 30 Steam Keys to give away. We will need your e-mail address for this, but will not store or otherwise use it.
This War of Mine is a game about citizens surviving in a besieged city and is based on the stories of Bosnian survivors of the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996). As a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the game’s developer, 11 Bit Studios, donated the proceeds of any copies sold to the Ukrainian Red Cross. VALUE participated in this initiative and is therefore able to offer people like you the chance to play this important game that reminds us all to keep supporting the citizens who are directly impacted by the horrors of these and all other wars.

You can vote up until 23/12 on or by clicking the image below.

Let your voice be heard! What was your game of the year?