Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Unpacking an Age

July 3, 2020By Liam McLeodIn Depth

With Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla just around the corner, Liam McLeod talks about historical accuracy in the game. But aside from pointing out what Valhalla got right and wrong, there is a lot more to unpack. How does Valhalla repeat nationalistic narratives? And should developers take more care with their histories? Liam touches upon all that below!

Stratigraph: our Steam Summer Sale rundown

July 2, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Stratigraph

It’s that time of year again: Steam is pillaging our wallets with discounts on almost every game! Until the 9th of July, they’re dishing out discounts left right and center during the Summer Sale. Because we really like games, here are some of our favorites you can pick up!

Bulletin: Settlers of Catan, Bannerlord Roleplaying, Humankind Open Dev, VALHEIM and much more!

June 19, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Bulletin, Field Reports

In this weeks bulletin (it’s a big one) we talk about the Settlers of Catan, Bannerlord Roleplaying, a Racial Justice Humble Bundle, an apology from the devs of Little Devil Inside, the VALHEIM trailer, the Humankind Open Dev, the New World Combat Trailer, Total War Saga: Troy, the Paradox Insider Update, the use of video games to treat ADHD, Ran: Lost Islands open beta test, This War of Mine being added to Polish reading lists and finally a round up of our new Stratigraphs!