We Value our books and would like you to do so with us! We will hold our first book review on April 12th on stream and we invite anyone who is interested to read along with us!

Starting with a classic

At the initiation of this book club, there can really be only one way to start: by reading Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture. This book was originally published in 1938 and discusses the importance of the play element in our society. Since VALUE is all about playing games, this is certainly a must-read for us, and is often cited as a vital part of the history of game studies.

We want to share our thoughts on this classic with you, but also want to hear your thoughts on this book. You can read it in any language you prefer, so grab your reading glasses, fetch yourself a nice cup of tea and finish the book by April 12th (you still have over a month!) and join our live discussion either via Discord or our Twitch chat. At the end, we will reflect upon the question ‘what is the value of this book?’.