0 A.D. Part II: Bring in the Queens!

September 20, 2021By CorineBlog Posts, Stratigraph

Today the second part of our 0 A.D. series! We take a look at a vital, but historically often overlooked, group of society: Women! Not only will we show some interesting historic characters, discuss the ‘standard’ citizen in this game, but also take a look at the limits of these ancient women.

0 A.D. – The Renaissance of Ancient Video Games

September 13, 2021By CorineBlog Posts, Stratigraph

Ever wanted to lay your eyes on a game in ‘Alpha Phase’? Ready for an RTS game that has the ambition to change the playing-field of historical games? Want to know what it looks like when Romans get ignored, but the Kush Empire and Mauryan Empire are cherished? In short, would you like to be surprised by a game that has been in development for over a decade? Read our series on this game now! Today: part I.

Podcast Valhalla; a review

November 12, 2020By CorineBlog Posts, Stratigraph

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has now been released! To give their story a bit more context, Ubisoft also made a podcast about the time in which their new game is set. They promise us a ‘new story’ about the Vikings and use experts, comedians and atmospherical music to get this across, so what do we think?

The advance of new idols: VTubers

September 30, 2020By CorineBlog Posts, In Depth

We will be taking a look at the interesting new world of VTubers; online entertainers in YouTube videos or streams, usually portrayed by anime-inspired characters. Where do they come from, what do they do and what can we expect from them?

Introducing the VALUE intern!

September 17, 2020By CorineBlog Posts

Since two weeks I can call myself an intern at Foundation VALUE. I will be making posts and video’s and I’d like to introduce myself! Hello! My name is Corine Gerritsen and as part of my Research Master Ancient Studies at Utrecht University, I’m doing an internship at Foundation VALUE. As the name of my … Read More