Watch VALUE’s Special Halloween Bone-anza! We are joined by Jessica Palmer and Hayley Mickleburgh, two people you absolutely want at your side in the coming zombie apocalypse. Why? They know more about the anatomy of dead bodies than any soul alive or undead!

In this yearly Halloween edition of Streaming the Past, we play a game that none of us had ever played before. Indeed, Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army may not be entirely in good taste or historically authentic, but who can refuse a good, gory and slightly scary slaughter of Nazi Zombies? Not us!

We have Ymir and Megalithic playing two fearless but delicous-looking Allied, zombieslayers and Caeda and Doc Random on the couch with our guests Jessica Palmer, an osteoarchaeologist, and Hayley Mickleburgh, a forensic archaeologist. The stream turned out to be a ton of fun as well as filled with facts on the anatomy of death that you never knew you were just dying to know!

Talking points:

In fact, this zombie-filled slaughterfest may have been one of our brainiest stream ever (no pun intended). We ended up mentioning or talking about:

  • A lot of Latin names for bones! Also which bones would make for good weapons (warning: some humerus puns may break-a-leg)!
  • The difficulty of (3D) documenting human remains. And why this game’s developers got lazy on the “verts.”
  • The various stages of the decomposition process after death and where this game gets it right and wrong.
  • Our fascination with death and in particular zombies
  • Nazis and zombies as double negations of humanity
  • The ethics of displaying and researching human remains
  • The causal history of Nazombie Germany.

Died laughing? Brain exploded with knowledge?

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