Watch Episode 10 of the VALUE  “One More Turn” series, in which Dr. Random and Ymir play Civilization VI and discuss the game and its relation to world history, as well as anything else that comes to mind really. Trigger warning for academics talking, punning, “strategizing”, and spouting left-leaning opinions.

Episode 10: We Are Rich!

After liberating (?) Hattusa we ended up quite loaded and Ymir was super excited and started talking about the Hittite empire. Meanwhile Dr. Random gets into a bloodlust against the Vikings; is he crazy? Or a strategic genius?

At the same time, archaeological ruins start popping up on our map. Were they always there as part of the landscape? Or did they now become part of the cultural geographical map of the world?

Also, Brazil! Finally we get to talk about the Brazilian Empire, its history, the current state of Brazil, and its capital, Brasilia!

Check out Episode 10 as war rages on throughout both parts. Did we spread too thin? Or was this an excellent move in the grand chess of Civilization? And who is that in the distance? Oh it’s Teddy Roosevelt! Hey Teddy!

Talking points:

  • All things Hittites!
  • We expand upon the history of Brazil
  • Hieronymus Bosch FINALLY gets to show us his great works
  • A tease on archaeology in Civilization
  • Colonization, is it a one way process?
  • The first part of a discussion on nationalism

Part 2