It’s the middle of the summer, temperatures are rising, the global pandemic is still upon us, and many of us are missing our time in the field or on campus a bit… So, VALUE has the best kind of proposal for you! Open your AC [that is AirCo, not Assassin’s Creed], fan, or windows, stay inside and tune in to our Summer Stream Extravaganza!

As part of the introduction to new archaeology students for Leiden University, but also because we just love doing it, we are doing a half-day stream-athon with experts, interviews, and a lot of games! Doctor Random and Ymir will be hosting together with all sorts of invited friends. So tune in to VALUE’s Twitch channel on Thursday 23 July, starting at 15:00 CEST to catch all the action! What action you ask? This action extravaganza: 

15:00-16:30: Dawn of Man, with Femke Reidsma

16:30-17:00: Interview with Jack Harrison, designer of Artefact

17:00-18:45: Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, with dr. Alex Geurds

18:45-19:00: dr. Random and Ymir chat about studying archaeology at Leiden and video games!

19:00-21:30: Break

21:30-23:30: Your weekly dose of Old World with dr. Random, Ymir, and Oomzer!

So calibrate your time machines, mark your sundial, spin up your rolodex agendas, write it in your future diary, or just click this link and add the event to your calender of choice. Do whatever you need to, so you won’t forget to join us on the 23rd to celebrate the summer, video games, and archaeology together!