What is it?

The Interactive Past Conference is an event where we get together to celebrate our joint love for video games and the past and share our playful, creative, smart, cool, beautiful ideas with each other. TIPC is for all sorts of playful people who want to be part of a fun, knowledge-driven event, including but not limited to scholars, game developers, scholars, heritage and history buffs, artists, and all sorts of other stewards of and players with the past.

When and where is TIPC3?:

The main conference will be on 24-26 May 2023 at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, the Netherlands. There will be a game jam and workshop programme the days before the conference.

TIPCs are the hipsters of hybrid events: we were already livestreaming our conferences on our Twitch channel before it was cool and obviously we will continue to do so now.

What does TIPC cost?

We believe knowledge should be as accessible as possible. This is why TIPC registration has always been and will continue to be 0, nada, zilch, zip!

To sweeten this free deal, we’ll throw in lunch and coffee, as well!

Furthermore, we will have a number of bursaries available for those who could use support with travel or other costs. Stay tuned for more news on that soon.

When is your Call for Contributions?

Coming soon (in early October)!

We are aiming to have a full programme of in-person presentations, but will also be accepting pre-recorded videos (as part of a special session or mixed in with the in-person presentations).

Getting inspired?

TIPC3 follows up on the first TIPC in 2016, TIPC-Online in 2017, TIPC2 in October 2018, and TIPC-Online 2 in November of 2020. If you would like some inspiration of the vibe and topics discussed at these events, you can check out the presentations of all TIPC1, TIPC2, and TIPC-Online 2 on YouTube. If you want to kick back with some interesting reading, may we suggest the books The Interactive Past & Return to the Interactive Past. (and, yes, there will be another, Open Access Interactive Past book following TIPC).

Who’s behind TIPC3?

The VALUE foundation is in charge of organization. Further support is provided by the Past-at-Play Project and the Playful Time Machines project.

Our programme committee is still being put together. Updates will be made as soon as we have a full list of its members.