Games We Dig — Fragments of Him

May 19, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

Fragments of Him is a game about dealing with loss. The loss of a friend, lover, or family member and how this impacts those who took part in his or her life. It is also a game about how we are all part of an assemblage of persons and things that pattern and punctuate our … Read More

Games We Dig – Firewatch

February 18, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

Firewatch is one of those games. One of those that digs into my sense and sensibilities from the get-go and doesn’t let go. It blends its entrapping story and very human characters with an environment and gameplay mechanics that speak to a deep understanding of how humans experience landscapes. I almost suspect the developers have been paying … Read More

Games We Dig – Westerado: Double Barreled

February 9, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

I’ll be honest with you, for an “old” and archaeological gamer, I am actually not that much into the retro-style that is so pervasive among  (indie) games today. For me a good retro-game does not have to look old, but has to be like that traditional bridal rhyme: it has to have something old and … Read More

Games We Dig – Uncharted series

January 21, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

I don’t know where Nathan Drake, the protagonist of Uncharted, has done his archaeological field school, but when I take him out for a day in the field, I am somewhat disappointed in my own professors. They did not teach me how to fire guns, dodge cars and climb a train carriage that is dangling … Read More