In this weeks bulletin, we discuss another great bundle you can buy to help racial justice and equality, the Anno 1800 board game, antiquities in Elder Scrolls Online, Kalypso Media acquiring a development studios, the Total War Humble Bundle, 51 Worldwide Games for the Switch and how chess is taking Twitch by storm!

12 amazing games from’s Bundle

Last week, we posted about a bundle you could buy to support Black Lives Matter. It contained some awesome games, and all proceedings are going to Black Lives Matter, and is almost raised $100,000. Now, we have another bundle you can buy to support Racial Justice and Equality. The bundle, compiled by contains over 1500 games, which you can buy for just $5.00! Over $5,000,000 (!!!) has already been raised for the NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. PC Gamer has compiled a list of 12 amazing games you can find in the bundle. Check PC Gamer’s list here, or check out the whole bundle here!

Anno 1800 board game

The Historical city-builder Anno 1800 is getting a board game adaptation! Ubisoft is partnering up with Kosmos, the company most famous for the Catan board game. The game is to take the core idea of Anno 1800, but many more specifics are unknown as yet. According to Forbes, the board game is set to be released this Autumn! In the mean time, have a watch of our playthrough of Anno 1800!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

The Elder Scrolls Online just launched a new chapter called Greymoor. It adds many cool stuff and stories, but more exciting adds an antiquities system! With this system, you can scour the world of Tamriel for long-forgotten relics, knowledge and treasure. With the help of leads you can wander around the world, looking for hidden treasure. But it doesn’t stop there. When you’ve found an interesting location, you need to actually dig up the artifacts before you become rich (in many different ways)! Read more on the Elder Scrolls Online website here!

Image: Elder Scrolls Online

Kalypso fully aquires Gaming Mind Studios

Publisher Kalypso, most known for the game Tropico, has fully taken over Gaming Mind Studios, the developers of Railway Empire and Port Royale. The publisher and studio were already working toghether very closely, but the take over will mean that development capabilities of Kalypso will only increase! Read more on Gamasutra or on the Kalypso website!

Video: Kalypso Media

Total War Humble Bundle

Did last weeks news on the new Total War Saga: Troy fire you up for some warfare? Good news! Humble Bundle is having a Total War Week, with discounts up to 75% on selected titles! Even Total War: Three Kingdoms (which released last year) has a 25% discount. Rock Paper Shotgun compiled the list for us, so check their rundown of all the discounts, or directly go to the Humble Bundle!
Image: Total War: Three Kingdoms

51 Worldwide Games review

Last week Nintendo released 51 Worldwide Games, a compilation of (you guessed it) 51 games for the Switch. They range from board games, to card games and air hockey, coming from all corners of the world! Christian Donlan of Eurogamer got to have an early look and wrote a feature on the collection, and how enthusiastic he is! To quote Christian: ‘And weirdly, this collection of things that pre-date video games has reminded me just how magical video games are. This is a history of the world, in part. It’s also a TARDIS of fun. It’s wonderful.’ Read his whole feature here!

Video: Nintendo UK

How Chess is taking Twitch by storm

Twitch is the platform where you can stream about anything. You can have your generic Fortnite or Warzone streams, or have some historical discussion whilst playing Old World. Lately, another game has been taking Twitch by storm, and it isn’t exactly a new exciting game. It’s chess. Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura has been streaming his games on the platform, and has also collaborated with other (non-Grandmasters) in his streams. And it’s drawing huge crouds. However, it is (of course) not free of the usual drama. Watch the video by theScore esports on the subject below, and play some chess afterwards!

Video: theScore esports