The Manor Lords demo: our verdict

October 26, 2022By oomzerBlog Posts, Stratigraph

A few weeks back, the long awaited historical city-building RTS Manor Lords had a demo available through the Steam Next Fest. Oomzer, our in-house city-building connaisseur was looking forward to this for quite some time. What did he think of it? Read it below!

Svoboda 1945: Liberation Review

August 14, 2021By oomzerGames We Dig

Last year July, we played Attentat 1942 during one of our streams. Developed by a team of historians and game developers at Charles University in Prague, it revolved around a particularly dark moment in Czech history: the Second World War and the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich (and subsequent retaliation by the Nazis). Svoboda 1945: Liberation, the second game made by Charles Games was released on August 3rd. It portrays the situation in the German-Czech border region of Sudetenland just after the war. Once again, Charles Games have managed to make an amazing game, which will not only give you new insights into this often overlooked part of the war, but will also make you think about how heritage is viewed through different personal lenses. Here’s a short review, trying to not spoil the game too much for you.

Old World Review

July 8, 2021By oomzerGames We Dig

If you have followed us for some time, you will already know we love Old World, a 4X game developed by Mohawk Games (who you might know from games such as Offworld Trading Company). With Old World being released in Early Access last year, we played many hours of the game. However, July saw the … Read More

Bulletin: Steam Summer Sale Edition

July 3, 2021By oomzerBlog Posts, Bulletin, Field Reports

It’s that time of year again where Steam is plundering out wallets with all the discounts. As we like games (you must have gathered by now), here’s some of our picks of this Steam Summer Sale! Mind you, almost any game is on sale right now, but there are some games you just might want to check out, especially with such a huge discount! Did we miss your favorites? Let us know what games we should definitely play!