In this weeks bulletin, we discuss the release of Civ VI’s Android version, Total War Saga: Troy, Excavate! Egypt, an Animal Farm video game, the new DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms, Hades, Raji: An Ancient Epic and the re-opening of the National Video Game Museum!

Civ VI coming to Android

Two years after the release on IOS, Civilization VI will finally be available for Android devices. The strategy game is free to download and play, but will require you to pay $20 (€22) after the first 60 turns of a game. You can even spend more if you want all the DLC (up to $90 for the entire package). To make matters even worse, you can also buy scenario packs, bringing the total costs up to around $120. dove deeper in the mobile version of the game, and came to the conclusion that it was fine. However, there seems to be some FPS issues after a few turns. This in combination with the outrageous prices (and the worries that it will be unplayable when Google inadvertedly upgrades the Play Store in a few years). Is it worth the money? Probably not, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Video: Mike Fringe

Total War Saga: Troy review

Last week, everyone could pick up a free copy of Total War Saga: Troy on Epic Games. We did, along with 7.5 milion others! We even played the game on our last stream before out short break. It is a good game, but we weren’t that impressed either. It’s confusing sometimes, and carries a heft €50 price tag. Sean Martin of wrote a very comprehensive review of the game. The conclusion: it does a great job of representing the period (especially with the rework of mythical units into ‘normal’ units), but is that something people want? To quote Martin: ‘Do people want Achilles to charge screaming into a unit and kill like two guys? Or do they want him to decimate that unit? The reason we still tell the story of Troy isn’t because of the history, it’s because of the myth, and myth is exaggeration.’

Image: / Creative Assembly

Excavate! Egypt now available in Dutch

Dig! IT!’s Excavate! Egypt is now available in Dutch! The game about excavation, analysis and exploration of Ancient Egypt is mainly focussed on middle school students. Learn more about the daily lives of the Egyptians and the technologies and methods used to excavate the artifacts. The game was translated by Tine Rassalle, PhD candidate in the USA and a well known archaeogamer! Read an interview with Tine about her translation here!

Image: Ecavate! Egypt

Animal Farm video game

The developers of the amazing Reigns are now working on a game based on the world famous book Animal Farm by George Orwell. The game, called Orwell’s Animal Farm will be a narrative game, where you play out the story of the book. This means you can throw out farmers, form an Animal Republic and of course decide which animals are more equal than others! Check out the trailer below or read more on Kotaku!

Video: Animal Farm Game

Total War: Three Kingdoms – The Furious Wild

A new DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms will be available from the 3rd of September! Called The Furious Wild, it will introduce four new playable factions, new units, new artwork and will be playable for both starting dates in the game (190CE and 194CE). It will cost you €18,99 (but you will get 10% off if you pre-order the DLC). Alongside the DLC, the base game will get some updates and patches as well. Even better, free content will also be available, which will add a new faction. Read more on the upcoming DLC on the Total War FAQ!

Video: Total War

Supergiant’s Hades coming to Switch

In the Nintendo Indie World showcase, Supergiant announced that their narrative-driven roguelike Hades is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Based around Greek mythology, Hades is all about dying and trying again. In contrast to other games, dying will progress the narrative. Even though the game is still in Early Access, it has gained some critical acclaim. Nathan Grayson of Kotaku is a big fan. You can read more on the Nintendo version of the game here!

Image: Supergiant

Raji: An Ancient Epic

More news from the Nintendo Indie World showcase: the launch of Raji: An Ancient Epic. Set in Ancient India, you play as a young girl called Raji. At the start of a new war between demons and the gods, humans are threatened with destruction. You are chosen as the sole defender of the human race. Starring stunning artwork and tactical combat, the adventure-action game seems to be a hit in the making! It is now available on Switch, and will come to PC in the forseeable future.

Video: Raji: An Ancient Epic

National Video Game Museum re-opens

The National Video Game Museum in Sheffield has finally re-opened after months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. With funds raised by crowdfunding, the museum was able to cover enough costs to re-open. According to the charity running the museum, BGI, it is the UK’s only museum dedicated to video game culture and education. The crowdfunding was supported by fans, visitors but also big names from the industry such as Rockstar and Jagex. Read more on Eurogamer!