In this weeks bulletin, we will discuss the sale of the very rare Nintendo Play Station, a game on the French Revolution and a game on the October Revolution, the Dark Souls-like Nioh 2 set in medieval Japan, a new update for Hades, the castle we built at an event and how Minecraft is used to circumvent censorship!

Nintendo ‘Play Station’ sells for $360,000

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the auction of the rare Nintendo Play Station. Now, it has been sold for $360,000. Forbes published an exclusive article on the new owner of the rare piece of hardware: Greg McLemore. McLemore made his money in the early internet age, and continues to invest. He is an avid game collector, and wants to open a permanent exhibition of game hardware, not wanting to bury the machine in a closet somewhere. McLemore also owns a big collection of coin operated machines, and various other gaming memorabilia, which will be incorporated in a museum. Read more on Kotaku and Forbes.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power – surving in Revolutionary France

Always wondered what it was like to be nobility during the troubling times leading up to, and during the French Revolution? Did Assassin’s Creed Unity not satisfy this wondering? The kickstarted game Ambition: A Minuet in Power can help you with that. The game, described as a roguelike visual novel, tells the tale of Yvette Decaux, a noble woman abandoned by her spouse in pre-revolution France. The player has to navigate through various social circles, avoiding losing your head. The game has no release date yet, but it might not be so long before you can play the avoid-your-head-getting-cut-off-simulator. The Outer Haven posted an article on their playthough of Ambition, read it here!

Video: Joy Manufacturing Company

Help Will Come Tomorrow – Kickstarter

The French Revolution isn’t the only revolution in this bulletin, also the October Revolution (aka the Bolshevik Revolution) makes it appearance. Help Will Come Tomorrow is a story-driven resource management game seeking funds over at Kickstarter. They are just €500 away from their goal! The game focuses around a group of survivors of a train crash on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Survival is the main goal, but the player needs to overcome many difficulties, such as the harsh wilderniss, but also prejudice among the differing survivors. Read more on the Kickstarter page.

Nioh 2 review

Heather Alexandra posted a very extensive review of the (released today) Dark Souls like game Nioh 2. The game, set in medieval Japan, lats you play as Hide, a monster slayer from both the human and spirit world. Alexander’s verdict: ‘I’ve never played a game where fighting feels as good as this.’ For the fans of the first games, it feels like an improvement on every level. Even for those who have never played Dark Souls-like games (like me), the game is worth while and definitely rewards you for you patience. Read the whole review over at Kotaku.

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Hades Nighty Night update

You could say we are fans of the roguelike dungeon crawler Hades. It has made some appereances in these bulletins, and we even played the game on stream (see Twitch). The Nighty Night update adds new weapons, but also new rooms and new mechanics. Rock Paper Shotgun posted a more in-depth review of the update!

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VALUE built a castle!

Last week, together with many kids, we (re)built the long destroyed castle of Tilburg in Minecraft, during the LevelUp! gaming event in Tilburg. We often built Roman temples or fortresses during the RoMeincraft events, but this time we decided to rebuild the old castle of Tilburg. The map can of course be downloaded and played through this link! Also take a look at the Sketchfab model down below!

Kasteel Van Tilburg by VALUE Foundation on Sketchfab

Minecraft: The Uncensored Library

Minecraft can be used in many ways, not only for just playing, but also for educational activities (see above!) But Minecraft can also function as a space of freedom for those who are censored. BlockWorks announced the project ‘The Uncensored Library’, a server on which voices of those who are censored can still be heard. Some countries block certain websites, but Minecraft can still be accessed. By having a library, filled with books of censored texts, Minecraft can be used to go around the censorship.

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