Oh hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So apparently writing a Field Reports every two weeks AND combining work and other activities is sliiiiightly too much to handle. I got behind on writing the Field Report, then more and more articles piled on, then something came up, then another thing, and before you know it you’re a few months past your own deadline.
So yeah, that happened.

But we over here at VALUE were already toying with the idea to change Field Reports up a bit. Make it more snazzy, hip, bite-sized, frequent (according to the statistics, these are the buzzwords the youngsters like nowadays). So there’s going to be some changes! From now on, Field Reports will appear whenever we find interesting news and write about it. I’ll be more picky on what I write about, but in theory this should allow me to spend more time and energy on writing something meaningful on the news itself. This means Field Reports will be shorter, but will appear more frequent. So welcome to the new and improved Field Reports 2.0 !