We’ve asked you to contribute to our list of Games of the Year. After a mighty discussion about which games can be honorably called ‘Game of the year’, here are our five picks, in no particular order! You can also read our descriptions of the five Interactive Pasts Games of the Year below the video, including honorable mentions!

Video: VALUE

Hades – Supergiant Games

Hades oozes style, has pitch perfect minor and major gameplay loops, huge variety and uniqueness in combat, and has a narrative drive that is seldom seen even in linear narrative games, let alone rogue-likes. Hades also offers a unique and refreshing take on Ancient Greek mythology that easily competes with Stephen Fry’s Mythos. So get ready to fight the hoards of hell over and over, all while trying to fix the broken olympian family.

Old World (Early Access)- Mohawk Games

Sid Meier may have created 4x Games, Mohawk Games engineered their Renaissance with Old World. More than that, this game show it is possible to play something that is fun and authentic while also being inclusive and having a specific philosophy from the outset and throughout. The game is still in Early Access, so if it is finished next year, it may be one of our Games of the Year again. It’s that good!

Crusader Kings III – Paradox Interactive

The perfect medieval facebook simulator, this game has everything from backstabbing to elaborate feasts and stress levels so high the only way out if to develop a shopping addiction. And yes! This is a real thing in a game that is also a serious history game! It is great at combining the grand level with the personal human lives and making you feel a part of your very own court drama. With the countless possibilities this game offers, Crusader Kings III is sure to keep your attention for more hours than you may be comfortable with!

Pendragon – inkle Studios

2020 was a year in which we both longed for the days of yore, but also felt the real need to re-imagine business as usual. Pendragon, a chess-like strategy game based on Arthurian legend, does exactly this. It has a narrative and visual style all its own that allows you to play beyond the tired stereotypes of chivalrous knights and damsels in distress. According to its lead designer Jon Ingold, this is not even a historical game. Regardless, Pendragon is one for the books!

Spiritfarer – Thunder Lotus Games

In a year with Animal Crossing espousing the virtues of carefree capitalist homemaking and the overwhelming tragedy of COVID-19, Spiritfarer, an anime-style game in which you ferry and care for spirit animal alter egos of humans on their way to the afterlife, provides necessary light for the future of social simulation games and holds valuables lessons on how to deal with loss. In this very real and lived sense, it is already historical. Our recommendation, play it in coop mode together with a loved one.

Honorable mentions

Of course, this year saw more amazing games. Because choosing five picks was hard, we also have some honorable mentions: