I love the medieval times. I’m especially fond of manuscripts telling the tales of old, beautifully decorated with golden letters, lavish handwritings and drawings of animals. Like this as well? Then Inkulinati might be something for you to look at!

Video: Yaza Games

Inkulinati is a turn based strategy game (we love those) based on the wonderful world of medieval manuscripts, created by Polish studio Yaza Games. Based on ‘medieval memes’ (also known as marginalia – everything written and drawn on the sides of the texts), you take control of an illuminator (the one making the neat doodles next to the texts) and fight with other illuminators for dominance of the pages.

Marginalia from the Saint-Omer Book of Hours.

This might all seem very serious, but the game brings Monty Python-esque humor to the pages. Next to this, the animals you draw each have specific stories to tell and their own actions to bring to the field. You also get to level up yourself, making for a better illuminator!

It all looks very foolish and un-historic, but medieval memes were definitely a thing. The drawings made by illuminators were often serious of nature, linking with the text. But it was not rare to find funny marginalia, where the illuminator would draw something which would seem outrageous nowadays. However, people would instantly recognize the drawings (like our memes). The medieval times weren’t all serious business after all!

If you’re interested in the game (or marginalia in general), check out these two articles on PC Gamer: medieval memes & new trailer. If you’re interested in backing the development of the game, they have a Kickstarter running for a few more days (but have already reached the goal)! Check it out here! It’ll be released somewhere in 2021, most likely in July!