It’s that time of year again: Steam is pillaging our wallets with discounts on almost every game! Until the 9th of July, they’re dishing out discounts left right and center during the Summer Sale. Because we really like games, here are some of our favorites you can pick up!

Total War Franchise

There is some huge discounts on the Total War games. For example, you can now get Total War: Rome II with 75% discount (only €15)! Don’t like Romans? Well luckily, you can also get acclaimed titles such as Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms and Total War: Warhammer II with big discounts. even last years hit Total War: Three Kingdoms is now reduced in price! Not sure which one to buy? Well, check out our playthrough of Three Kingdoms below.

Paradox Interactive games

It can’t be a Summer Sale without Paradox Interactive also dishing out the discounts. Paradox are quite the generous company, having sales quite often and also making Crusader Kings II free to play for everyone (except for the DLC, but you can buy those with discounts as well)! Please check out that game, it’s awesome. But Paradox’ other hit series, such as Europa Universalis IV and Hearts of Iron IV are also on discount. We’re you curious about the latter game by our review of a few months ago? Well, it’s now time to check it out! You can get the base game and all the expansions (except for the last one) with 50% discount! Really want to get stuck into Early Modern Europe? You can get all the EU4 DLC for ‘only’ €160 (which is a big discount off the €400 it will cost you normally).

Assassin’s Creed Franchise

In the wake of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla coming to us this year, it might be worth checking out the other games in the franchise. Both Odyssey and Origins can be bought with huge discounts (67% and 80% respectively). Looking for a more authentic AC experience? Well it’s your lucky day because all the other AC’s are on sale as well! Play them all and decide which one is the best (spoilers, it’s Brotherhood).

Sid Meier’s Civilization

We also have to mention Civilization. After our unlucky defeat to the Aztecs in One More Turn series 3 (such a shame), it is your time to play! Luckily, from Civ III onwards, you can get them with a discount. Stack your units in Civ IV, unstack them again in Civ V and build your districts in Civ VI! The choice is yours. It might be useful to buy a bundle instead of one single game, as the discounts do not apply all across the board. I’m going to revisit Civ IV, my very first Civ game of which I have unfortunately lost the discs. But beware of the one more turn syndrome!

Many, many more games

We can’t possibly go over all the games and franchises that are on sale. Some honerable mentions: the Company of Heroes games, the Call of Duty and Battlefield games, the Sniper Elite games, the Mount & Blade games, there is something for everyone!