After years in development, Ancient Cities by Uncasual Games will go into closed beta on the 16th of July! If you haven’t supported the devs yet, this is your final chance to get into the closed beta.

For those unfamiliar with the game: you play as a nomadic tribe, working your way up through the neolitic era until ultimately building the most fantastic city of late neolithic era. You start by roaming the fields, until you build your first settlement which will organically grow to a larger settlement and finally a city!

Video: Uncasual Games

The game features custom made rendering technology and serves as the basis for future games and updates. Whilst the first iteration of the game will stop in antiquitiy, plans are to add more eras which will let you explore ancient Greece, Rome or even the Middle Ages! The game also features simulated weather, natural disasters, trade, class- and family structures and many more innovative mechanics. Read more on the game and it’s features here.

It is not surprising that such a ambitious idea costs a lot of money and time to develop: the game has been through two crowdfunding actions and has been in development for over three years. However, as part of a final push, you can now also support the game! Until the 15th of July, you can back the game (with a small or larger sum of money) and get closed beta access and other features.

I’m quite enthusiastic for the closed beta, and I hope that some of you are as well. Unfortunately we can’t share anything of the beta, but definitely look out for content on Ancient Cities when the game is released (or when it is allowed to share gameplay)!