Do you like pulp archaeology? Do you like punching Nazis? Do you like Indiana Jones? Do you like video games? Then you’ll like Pathway!

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, we have some good news: Pathway is free to download from the Epic Games Store until tomorrow! In this top-down turn based strategy game, you get to roam around deserted ancient sites looking for treasures, whilst also punching Nazis! Who doesn’t like that?

The game shares some notable similarities to the movies aboiut Dr. Jones and his adventures. The same time-period (1930’s), the same enemies (Nazis) and of course some really good pulp archaeology! But there is more (zombies and mummies of course).

Joking aside, it’s a pretty good game with some funky tunes. It’s a great game for archaeologists (and others) to play and and joke about all the tropes of the disciplines (of which there are many). Get it for free here!

We (of course) had a stab at the game a while back. Take a look at a part of our stream below! Take note of the beautiful hats dossed by Ymir and Dr. Random, and of course their takes on pulp archaeology!