On 28-2-2020 we will be or have been (Hellooooo, future people!) streaming the oldest video game set in the past. Like any cool piece of history it goes under many names: The Sumerian Game, King of Sumer, The Sumer Game, Hamurabi, HMRBI, HAMURABI, and Hammurabi.

This game feels almost as old and foundational as the past it let’s you play through. We will explore it using a dash of MDA , a bit of retrograme archaeology, a good dose of game history, as well as our usual wit and fully wiki-supported brains.

Equal parts intrigued and confused?

You can watch along at our Twitch channel or see the archive of the stream on our YouTube Channel later.

You can also read along with the PDF that we use during the stream. If you end up using any part of it, great! Also make sure you reference us or the other people who created and/or discovered the content that you can find in it.

Also check out these absolutely cool articles by others who have researched this game!