Games We Dig – Doom

February 23, 2017By JaromirrGames We Dig

Yes, Doom is back, and it’s back with a vengeance, a never before seen ferocity that makes most other shooters pale in comparison. I picked it up during a sale late last year, so I was a bit late in joining the fray, but I finished it a while back, and so now it’s time … Read More

Lores We Dig – League of Legends

December 1, 2016By YmirGames We Dig

The League of Legends Universe Beta website is out and Ymir is super excited to dive deep into the lore of Runeterra! Many of you who know me, know that I am a huge League of Legends (LoL) fan. It took me a while to catch up to it, to be honest, since I don’t … Read More

Games We Dig — Kingdom

November 3, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

A little while ago VALUE did a stream on the Post-Apocalypse. We discussed its mechanisms, historicity and representation in Fallout 4, a big-budget game that takes place after the collapse of American society. I do not think Fallout 4 is a particularly good game about apocalypse. Kingdom is. In Kingdom you play as a king … Read More

Games We Dig – Axiom Verge

September 20, 2016By Krijn BoomGames We Dig

I don’t often write about games I play mainly due to the fact that I actually rather play games than write about them but also due to the very little spare time I have. However, in this case, I wanted to make an exception, not because I have time to spare, but because Axiom Verge … Read More

Games We Dig – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

August 22, 2016By CaedaGames We Dig

If you’ve seen our last stream (Off the Map), you may have heard me admit that I have never played an Uncharted game before. Nor seen an Indiana Jones movie for that matter. Dr. Random very nearly revoked my archaeogamer card. Luckily, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End rapidly drew me in and my archaeogamer status … Read More

Seven Games to Dig…

August 11, 2016By adminGames We Dig

… when you have just become a dad. Our baby girl was born 7 weeks ago and, as with all newborns, she doesn’t leave mom or dad with much time on their hands. Ninety percent of my waking hours I spend staring in awe at the new family member and the family member who brought forth the … Read More