Exploring contemporary archaeology with The Last of Us

November 7, 2019By Franki WebbBlog Posts, In Depth

(Warning: This article is about the Naughty Dog The Last of Us, it contains narrative and ending spoilers) The Last of Us shows human society severely decimated by the  Cordyceps infection, a fungal pathogen that attacks insects but manages to jump onto human hosts. Metaphorical in nature the infected represent “the dying remnants of a … Read More

An In-Depth Discussion on the Death of A Tree

August 6, 2018By VALUEBlog Posts, In Depth
It's summer, the season when gaming life can seem to go on uneventfully for days or weeks. However, sometimes things happen to shake-up these doldrums. Sometimes, it's a thing that ripples out from the game and makes its way to the news pages of the world wild web. If it has anything to do with [...]