The Value of Alternative History

January 21, 2021By GuthixianBlog Posts, In Depth

“What-if” history tends to get a bad reputation in the world of academia for being imprecise and subjective, yet the process behind making alternative history models for video game scenarios can be as complex as any proper research. How does alternative history benefit the gaming experience and how are these scenarios made?

The advance of new idols: VTubers

September 30, 2020By CorineBlog Posts, In Depth

We will be taking a look at the interesting new world of VTubers; online entertainers in YouTube videos or streams, usually portrayed by anime-inspired characters. Where do they come from, what do they do and what can we expect from them?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Unpacking an Age

July 3, 2020By Liam McLeodIn Depth

With Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla just around the corner, Liam McLeod talks about historical accuracy in the game. But aside from pointing out what Valhalla got right and wrong, there is a lot more to unpack. How does Valhalla repeat nationalistic narratives? And should developers take more care with their histories? Liam touches upon all that below!

Streaming the Past: Hamurabi

February 28, 2020By Dr. RandomBlog Posts, In Depth

On 28-2-2020 we will be or have been (Hellooooo, future people!) streaming the oldest video game set in the past. Like any cool piece of history it goes under many names: The Sumerian Game, King of Sumer, The Sumer Game, Hamurabi, HMRBI, HAMURABI, and Hammurabi. This game feels almost as old and foundational as the … Read More