Games We Dig – The Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine

July 7, 2016By JaromirrGames We Dig

Sometimes, sometimes an expansion is more than just some extra content and/or missions. Sometimes it’s a new game entirely, with hours of gameplay, a new region, new gear, new skills, and a clear focus on improving the overall quality of the game. Blood and Wine, The Witcher 3’s latest (and last) expansion, falls into that … Read More

Games We Dig — Fragments of Him

May 19, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

Fragments of Him is a game about dealing with loss. The loss of a friend, lover, or family member and how this impacts those who took part in his or her life. It is also a game about how we are all part of an assemblage of persons and things that pattern and punctuate our … Read More

Games We Dig – Subnautica

March 9, 2016By adminGames We Dig

Space, the final frontier. A sudden malfunction means that your rocket is careering straight for an uncharted ocean. You awaken in a tarnished escape pod, with nothing but a swimsuit and a few limited supplies to your name. Alone, castaway and on the verge of death, you are forced to venture out into the unknown, … Read More

Games We Dig – The Witness

February 22, 2016By YmirGames We Dig

I went into the Witness a bit biased. Biased, not because I was spoiled on some part of the plot (what plot?), but because of certain negative reviews and some negative feedback from friends. However, Dr. Random, rather easily, talked me, or bought me, into trying the game and I was immediately hooked! Approximately 500 … Read More

Games We Dig – Firewatch

February 18, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

Firewatch is one of those games. One of those that digs into my sense and sensibilities from the get-go and doesn’t let go. It blends its entrapping story and very human characters with an environment and gameplay mechanics that speak to a deep understanding of how humans experience landscapes. I almost suspect the developers have been paying … Read More

Games We Dig – Westerado: Double Barreled

February 9, 2016By Dr. RandomGames We Dig

I’ll be honest with you, for an “old” and archaeological gamer, I am actually not that much into the retro-style that is so pervasive among  (indie) games today. For me a good retro-game does not have to look old, but has to be like that traditional bridal rhyme: it has to have something old and … Read More