Bulletin: Settlers of Catan, Bannerlord Roleplaying, Humankind Open Dev, VALHEIM and much more!

June 19, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Bulletin, Field Reports

In this weeks bulletin (it’s a big one) we talk about the Settlers of Catan, Bannerlord Roleplaying, a Racial Justice Humble Bundle, an apology from the devs of Little Devil Inside, the VALHEIM trailer, the Humankind Open Dev, the New World Combat Trailer, Total War Saga: Troy, the Paradox Insider Update, the use of video games to treat ADHD, Ran: Lost Islands open beta test, This War of Mine being added to Polish reading lists and finally a round up of our new Stratigraphs!

Stratigraph: Inkulinati

June 18, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Stratigraph

I love the medieval times. I’m especially fond of manuscripts telling the tales of old, beautifully decorated with golden letters, lavish handwritings and drawings of animals. Like this as well? Then Inkulinati might be something for you to look at! Inkulinati is a turn based strategy game (we love those) based on the wonderful world … Read More

Bulletin: we stand with POC, ‘Artifacts of Play’ & Total War Saga: Troy

June 5, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts, Bulletin, Field Reports

Before we discuss any game related news, we want to share some of the thoughts and messages of POC we have been reading, and open up our platform for POC who want to share their thoughts about history, games, and systemic racism. We further discuss artifacts of play, 10+ lessons from Mobile 4X games, Valhalla’s ‘Hidden Blade’, the Total War Saga; Troy exclusive and the decreased spawn rates in Pokémon on tragic anniversaries.