Streaming the Past: Hamurabi

February 28, 2020By Dr. RandomBlog Posts, In Depth

On 28-2-2020 we will be or have been (Hellooooo, future people!) streaming the oldest video game set in the past. Like any cool piece of history it goes under many names: The Sumerian Game, King of Sumer, The Sumer Game, Hamurabi, HMRBI, HAMURABI, and Hammurabi. This game feels almost as old and foundational as the … Read More

Introducing the VALUE intern!

February 26, 2020By oomzerBlog Posts

As you might have noticed, we have again started uploading weekly bulletins. We thought it would be a cool idea to introduce the new person bringing you the news at the intersection of games and the past: Omar Bugter, intern at VALUE. I’m Omar (a.k.a. oomzer), and as part of my Master Cultural History at … Read More

Exploring contemporary archaeology with The Last of Us

November 7, 2019By Franki WebbBlog Posts, In Depth

(Warning: This article is about the Naughty Dog The Last of Us, it contains narrative and ending spoilers) The Last of Us shows human society severely decimated by the  Cordyceps infection, a fungal pathogen that attacks insects but manages to jump onto human hosts. Metaphorical in nature the infected represent “the dying remnants of a … Read More

Field Reports – Cheating the Past

April 15, 2019By Bram van den HoutBlog Posts, Field Reports
Welcome to the latest Field Reports! We've got announcements, we've got memes, we've got games!The only thing we don't have, is time to actually play those games! Someone please finish writing my article for me so I can play through Prey. After that, I can FINALLY start Sekiro and see what all this fuss is [...]