Field Reports – Cheating the Past

April 15, 2019By Bram van den HoutBlog Posts, Field Reports
Welcome to the latest Field Reports! We've got announcements, we've got memes, we've got games!The only thing we don't have, is time to actually play those games! Someone please finish writing my article for me so I can play through Prey. After that, I can FINALLY start Sekiro and see what all this fuss is [...]

Streaming the Past: Halloween Bone-Anza!

October 31, 2018By Dr. RandomStreaming the Past
Watch VALUE's Special Halloween Bone-anza! We are joined by Jessica Palmer and Hayley Mickleburgh, two people you absolutely want at your side in the coming zombie apocalypse. Why? They know more about the anatomy of dead bodies than any soul alive or undead! In this yearly Halloween edition of Streaming the Past, we play a [...]

Games We Dig — Holedown

October 22, 2018By Dr. RandomBlog Posts, Games We Dig
During TIPC2, Mata Haggis-Burridge discussed how games have relatively few verbs available that allow us to interact with the past. This made me think... We shoot, we maim, we strategize, we “press X to pay Respects”, but only rarely do we dig. Which is a pity, because digging can be a lot of fun! Case [...]

Culture Arcade Sneak Preview: Mulaka

August 15, 2018By Dr. RandomBlog Posts
The Culture Arcade is coming soon, with a ton of great games on display! Can't wait? Why not watch  Megalithic, Caeda and Dr. Random play through and discuss the first two hours of Mulaka, a 3D action-adventure game based on the rich indigenous culture of the Tarahumara Explore the cosmological landscape of northern Mexico Megalithic [...]

An In-Depth Discussion on the Death of A Tree

August 6, 2018By VALUEBlog Posts, In Depth
It's summer, the season when gaming life can seem to go on uneventfully for days or weeks. However, sometimes things happen to shake-up these doldrums. Sometimes, it's a thing that ripples out from the game and makes its way to the news pages of the world wild web. If it has anything to do with [...]